About KOGI

KOGI is a Taiwan-headquartered AI & IoT design company with years of hands-on experience successfully executing ICT-to-IoT and applied AI transformation projects across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and Australia. Since 2012, KOGI has helped 90+ organizations across 27 countries optimize business performance in the fields of healthcare, retail, agriculture, transportation, and enterprise management. With a growing profile across the GCC region, 2018 saw the addition of system integration and technical maintenance services through the establishment of KOGI Technology W.L.L

Now, with a new decade dawning, KOGI sees AI as redefining virtually every sector of global industry: healthcare, fintech, security, and retail, among others. With that in mind, KOGI has elevated AI design to the center of its corporate focus; establishing an extensive network of top-tier ecosystem alliances with distinctive domain focuses. Together, we deliver inspirational applied AI solutions trained by qualified datasets across different sectors.

Advancing forward, KOGI will continue delivering innovative AI and IoT design services for its global customer base. With extensive localization efforts and regional offices around the world, KOGI aspires to play a critical role in the ongoing digital revolution.