KOGI Corporation (Taiwan Company ID#: 42841011) is an applied AI & IoT engineering company focused on delivering “contact-free optimization solutions” to increase workflow, enhance UX, with hygiene control mentality. Founded in 2016 in Neihu Technology Park, Taipei, where many famed IT public companies originated, KOGI is proud to have our Taipei HQ stationed at this premise, neighbored by IT behemoths and innovative startups.





Under the four target sectors in which KOGI engages in- Enterprise, Retail, Parking, Healthcare- KOGI’s flow optimization are further divided into “cloud” and “edge” services to fulfill our partner’s various use cases in the post-COVID business landscapes. To date, KOGI have formed sector-based channel partners across 30+ countries and played a role in 500+ digitization projects lead by our local partners. With KOGI’s current growth rate, we project our network of sector-based channels partners will be expanded to 45+ countries by 2025.

Our success was portrayed via business report exposures from Bloomberg, EIN Expresswire, Al Jazeera, and China Post. In 2020, KOGI participated in COVID Uplink Challenge hosted by World Economic Forum (WEF), with board of reviewers from World Health Organization, Village Capital, and Goldman Sachs. 5,000+ companies participated, and KOGI was one of the selected few to be spotlighted in our technology and scalability. Since then, venture capitalists and investors approached to open more options on growth strategies.