Contact-Free Smart Parking Solution

E2E Contactless
Parking Journey

KOGI's SpeedPark APP combined with our range of parking sensors (SCS, SGS, PRL) is readily integratable to your existing parking solution, as an indepedent APP or .API integrated as additional feature to your parking APP.

Starting Parking Guidance Journey

Launch SpeedPark APP (or SpeedPark integrated APP), and look for vacant spaces from map view. User have the option to reserve in advance (additional reservation fee may apply) if the space is equipped with KOGI’s PRL system.

Navigate to Vacant / Reserved Parking

Upon selecting the vacant space, the user will be guided to the selected space, assisted by smart navigation and indoor park map (auto-switching) . In reservation flow, user presses “Arrived” button upon arrival to enter space.

Elegant Parking Exit for Guests

The days of lining up at payment queues or wasted time trying to locate parked vehicle is over, with SpeedPark’s vehicle search and auto-payment (credit card or e-wallet), parking guests now exit the parking lot with elegance and grace.

Advanced Detection Sensors
for Flexible Deployment

Benefits of SpeedPark
Parking Guidance System

Benefits of SpeedPark
Parking Guidance System

  • APP-Based, Zero-Contact Parking Journey
  • Support “General Parking” and “Reserved Parking”
  • Complete Range of Hardware for Indoor + Outdoor Scenarios
  • Vehicle Search & Auto-Payment (e-Wallet & Credit Card)
  • Support API Integration to Partner’s Existing APP
  • Cableless Hardware Design to Save Deployment Cost (Up to 65%)

Sensor Device Core Technology

Smart Parking Core Technology

  • Apart from Primary Power Source, KOGI Smart Parking Hardwares come with Backup Power System to Minimize Downtime during Power Outage
  • Ceiling / Ground Sensors: 1S5P Battery
  • Smart Locker: Lead Acid Battery

Dual Sensor Design

  • Embedded 2-Tier Sensors (Magnetic & Ultrasound) to Ensure Maximum Detection Accuracy
  • Ultrasound Sensor (58KHz +/-1.5KHz to Detect Parking Position in the Space
  • 3-Axis Magnetic Sensor to Ensure Parked Object is Metallic in Nature

Support IoT / WIFI Signal

  • Support WIFI Protocol for indoor Parking Speace Mangement
  • Support NB-IoT Protocol to Enable Long Range Parking Space Management
  • Operating Band: 8,28
  • Power Class: Class 3 (23 dbm)