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Edge-based Contactless
for Public
Space Self-Service Terminals

Out of all Contact-Free Techs Available,

  • Zero Communication Module = No Hidden Data Collection
  • Zero Smart Phone Required = Less Cybersecurity Risks
  • Zero Downtime Digitization = No Operating Cost on Upgrade
  • Zero Internet Required = Technology Designed for Everyone

Metro Self-Ticketing
Airport Self-Check In/Out
Event Self-Ticketing

F&B Self-Ordering
Indoor Navi & WayFinder
Retail Self-Check Out

ATM Operations
Un-Manned Self-Service

Pharmacy Self-Service
ICU & OR Computing

Application Scenarios

Digital Transformation to Allow Sustainable Normalization of Daily Activities

Contact-Free Digitization in High Traffic Self-Service Points for Hygiene Control

Suggested Tape = 3M V1804 18mm glass type
Tape Strength = 10KG (Mount-L2) ~ 15KG (Mount-L4)
Bracket height = 2cm from display as standard
Bracket color = high gloss black as standard
Deployment time = 3-5 Minutes Plug & Play

4 Screws on each sides of the frame (total 16 screws)
Maximum Flexibility on Bracket/Mount Engineering
Professional aesthetics on seamless KIOSK design
Mounting Time: 10~15 Days (including mount design)

Tape Mount
Tape Mount

Key Application Scenarios:

  1. Existing / Deployed Kiosk Upgrade
  2. True-Flat Glass Surface Displays
  3. Zero Tolerance on Downtimes

Key Benefits:

  1. No Drilling = No Dust, No Damage to Kiosk
  2. On-Site Upgrade, No Need to Return to Factory
  3. DIY Upgrade Possible by the End User

HTO Mounting Method

Choose from our Wide Variety of Mounting Brackets to
fulfill Both “Existing” and “New” Kiosk Upgrades

Support Zero Downtime* Plug & Play Upgrades

*Zero Downtime: 3-5Minute Unit Deployment Time on Existing Kiosks
Screw Mount
Screw Mount

Key Application Scenarios:

  1. New HTO-Embedded Kiosk Design
  2. Metallic Framed Displays
  3. Rugged / More Demanding Environment

Key Benefits:

  1. USB Cable Sorted in Kiosk (Not Exposed)
  2. Strong and Rugged Fixture for Longevity Use
  3. Deployable to Areas with Low Oversight

HTO Size Support ​& Specifications

HTO P/N Frame Ratio
HTO-15-H3U 4:3
HTO-19-H3U 5:4
HTO-21-H3U 16:9
HTO-24-H3U 16:9
HTO-27-H2U 16:9
HTO-32-H2U 16:9
HTO-42-H2U 16:9
HTO-55-H2U 16:9
HTO-65-H2U 16:9
Min. Touch Object 7mm
Response Time 125 RPS
Detection Core Controller Enhanced IR
(Embedded Light Filter)
Haptics Feedback LED / Visual / Sound
(LED standard on sizes < 24”)
Power Source DC 5V ±5% (USB)
Driver OS Support Windows / Android / Linux
Controller Interface USB 2.0 HID
Frame Material Metal with Black Coating
Certificate CE / FCC class B