Corporate Employee Optimization (CEO) System:
Your Best Digital Business Transformation Partner
Mobility + Digitalization + Efficiency
Omni-Industry Ready:

Designed to fit both office and field staff across industries: Sales, Tech Services, Maintenance, Construction, Cleaning Services

AI Face Recognition:

AI engine allows easy registration, speed and accuracy under most indoor & outdoor environments, even if the person decides to wear some fashion pieces on him/her.

Task / Progress:

Employees can receive tasks from reporting manager(s) or set tasks for themselves to inform the leadership. Progresses are digitally inputted on mobile device for real-time updates & record keeping.

Location Confirmation:

Satellite GPS and/or WIFI signal capture to pinpoint user location, in or out of the country. Solution can integrate with access control for office, and meeting location confirmation.

Corporate Optimization:

Avoid over-meeting that set back your employees’ performance. CEO system allows leadership to understand real-time progress of employees with graphical outcomes. Employees also have quantified data to prove their performance.

Digital Business Transformation:

Today’s businesses have become more digitized than ever, are your company
executives equipped with the necessary tools in face of modern management challenges?
KOGI’s CEO system provides a comprehensive solution to incorporate mobile attendance,
location verification, customer management and digitized task/progress record over cloud for
real-time situation assessment and make business decisions based on quantified data.