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An advanced hover touch interface, adaptable to any display/kiosk. The HTO, with patented technologies, offers precise zero-contact interaction, ensuring personal hygiene, user privacy, easy user engagement, and efficient device management.

How is HTO Different from Other Contactless Products?

Gesture Detection

Hover Stabilizer
for Max. Precision

Gesture Tolerance

9 Adjustable

Abnormal Object
Detection (API)

Relevant Trends

Home Contactless Products

VR/MR with contactless UX gaining traction with new at-home products

Rising World Infections

Hygiene awareness remains high from global trend of drug resistant viruses

Global Staff Shortage

Self-service demands rise as staff shortage issues widen in service industry

Contactless Sensor
Market Size Analysis

Key Growth Engines
Hygiene Awareness
Increasing UX
COVID19 Facilitation
Maturing Sensing Tech
Certain Market as Key Drivers:
E.g.) Healthcare & In-Vehicle

Why hasn’t Contactless Touch Taken Flight?

Unnatural Gestures
High False Inputs

existing contactless tech requests
users to touch like this:

in reality, when users perform an
unguided air touch, inertia occurs

KOGI’s “iMD Gesture Detection” and “Active Hover Stabilizer” technologies remedy the challenges faced in the general contactless touch industry, whereas the former resolves the fast interpretation of hand/finger motions, and the latter helps to read only “intentional” gestures to increase precision. Combined with the ability to accept “non-linear” input commands, HTO demonstrates the system’s adaptability to accommodate natural, unguided gestures.

Core Technology


iMD Gesture Detection

Advanced lens-less finger gesture identification algorithm to accurately interpret user’s intent at self-service points.

  • Click
  • Repeat Click
  • Swipe/Scroll
  • Parallel Move & Click
  • Selection
  • Natural Gesture Support

Active Hover Stabilizer

A supportive tech designed to auto-calibrate unintentional finger/hand tremors, significantly boosting hover selection accuracy.

Deployment Method

  • Adhesive Mount
  • Hook Mount
  • Screw Mount
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Hover display co-design projet
  • Open frame add-on integration
  • Kiosk integration