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SYNTREND Collaborates with KOGI on MR Retailing

We are thrilled to announce KOGI's collaboration with SYNTREND, the leading IT-centric shopping destination in Taipei and a proud subsidiary of Foxconn Group, the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer.

At SYNTREND, where technology meets lifestyle, our partnership aims to enhance the tech-driven shopping experience they are renowned for. We are proud to introduce KOGI's Cyberframe, the key to the next generation of mixed reality retailing, aligning seamlessly with SYNTREND's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge offerings.

If you're planning to visit Taipei for the upcoming SCSE (Smart City Summit & Expo), we invite you to explore SYNTREND's extensive range of electronics, games, personal entertainment, and toys. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in our Cyberframe exhibition, located on the first floor in collaboration with SYNTREND's visual design department.