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KOGI Webinar Spotlights How Businesses Adapt to COVID-19 Challenges

On Tuesday, November 24, KOGI hosted a webinar addressing “Digital Transformation in the New Business Normal.” The discussion focused on changes in the international business landscape brought on by COVID-19; outlining the essential role of technology in helping enterprises, governments, and consumers adapt to this new environment.


KOGI was honored to feature presenters from two of the most prestigious names in tech: Google and Nvidia. Mr. Gregor Fan-Plath, speaking on behalf of Google, shared insights into how Google’s workforce successfully adapted to mandatory lockdowns, social distancing, and remote work in 2020.


Dr. Andrew Liu, speaking on behalf of Nvidia, centered his comments on the Nvidia “Metropolis” program designed to help developers build 21st century “smart cities” powered by cutting-edge AI and IoT design. 


KOGI’s three presenters focused their attention on healthcare, retail, and enterprise management; providing a macro-level overview before covering KOGI’s unique AI design solutions in these three areas. The webinar was a great success and KOGI looks forward to putting on similar events in 2021.


If you would like to learn more about KOGI’s AI and IoT design solutions or want a recording of the event for future reference please contact us here