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CEO Meets Challenges of New Business Normal

Firms are continuously adapting to the “New Business Normal” brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, that means a greater reliance on remote work, digital collaboration, and “contactless” technology solutions. 

However, recent studies and reporting indicate that remote work often results in lower worker productivity levels. Management consultancy EY points out that deploying the proper tools (technology) is a crucial first step in successfully managing teams remotely.  

The KOGI CEO System helps businesses successfully execute their digital transformations by optimizing the enterprise management process.

Mobile attendance utilizes AI facial recognition technology and GPS location tracking confirms an employee’s identity/location/time to ensure teams work effectively from remote locations. Employees and managers coordinate seamlessly and can routinely update task status on the app to monitor progress and provide assessments of workflow. Scientifically sound and accurate data, easy customization, and an intuitive visual interface allow managers to optimize decision making.   

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