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Building Safe, Resilient, and Efficient Supply Chains for the “New Business Normal”

The ongoing challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic spotlights the importance of effective supply chain management. In its early stages, the pandemic disrupted and shattered critical global supply chains, prompting a renewed focus on resiliency and diversification.


With many countries remaining under lockdown and citizens facing strict social distancing guidelines, e-commerce platformswith their often complex logistics systemsnow form the backbone of the modern consumer economy. Businesses and governments face unprecedented pressure to quickly and efficiently move goods and products while minimizing infection risk.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting edge digital technologies were already playing a transformative role in building “smarter” automated supply chains before the COVID outbreak. That role has only grown over the past year. 


For businesses to thrive in the “new normal,” they must embrace the digital transformation of their supply chains; deploying technologies to speed up workflow, optimize inventory management, predict customer demand well in advance, and reduce overall shipping times.


Adding another layer of complication, warehouses will need to place a renewed focus on employee safety by reducing cross-infection risk. Here again, enterprises who can leverage the power of digital transformation will find themselves at a competitive advantage; maximizing efficiencies while best ensuring workplace health and safety.  


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