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KOGI’s PCG System: Meeting the Safety Needs of Post-Pandemic Workplaces

With lockdowns and social distancing regulations remaining in place across the world, access control systems—determining who may or may not enter a physical or digital space—are being reconfigured to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic.  


KOGI’s Pandemic Contactless Gatekeeper (PCG) is here to help. The PCG offers three tiers of contactless access control to maximize building security while minimizing the potential for disease transmission risk. 


At the first level, PCG performs basic temperature scanning for anyone attempting building entry. At the second tier, the PCG pairs temperature scanning with facial recognition for superior access control. Only authorized personnel are able to enter. 


Finally, at the third tier, the PCG performs facial recognition scanning for entrants who are wearing masks. Anyone failing to wear their mask properly, whether they’re authorized or not, is denied access. 


KOGI differentiates itself from its competitors by offering an access control system allowing users to scan for three key factors: temperature, facial recognition, and mask detection. Most access control systems can only offer a combination of two factors.


As modern office spaces embrace comprehensive digital transformations in response to the post-pandemic “new business normal,” comprehensive and contactless access control systems will be essential to ensuring public health and safety. The PCG is here to help. 


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