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KOGI 2021 WPC- Digitization is being Socially Responsible

A big thanks goes to all the honorable guests and speakers on being a part of KOGI’s 2021 World Partner Conference (WPC).  The well received online webinar- highlighting innovations and achievements on contactless digitization from partners- was joined by business leaders from 27 countries- making it a true global event. 

        From infection-controlled city planning, AI-enabled healthcare, to contactless parking experience and home fitness tech- the world is slowly but surely entering into the next phase of digitization.  The speed and scale of digitization is fueled by the need for change for both public and private sectors driven by the global pandemic. 

        “Determination and vigilance will be key to realize the grand vision to digitize the world”- Mr. Gavin Lee, CEO of KOGI Corp.  Digitization, like vaccination, should be treated as a part of social responsibility to guide the human society, health, and economy back to the path of normalization.  Let us continue to be relentless in our efforts to change the world for the better!