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SpeedPark New Product Video Launch

As the post-pandemic world slowly getting back to its feet, people are starting to adventure back to their daily after-work routines.

In many occasions, people drive to perform their daily activities (to avoid crowded public transports).

Private and public parking operators and visitors alike are starting to realize the potential risks on operating conventional payments kiosks- no matter they are in token, ticket, or touch screen (license plate recognintion).  Researchs have also shown SARS-CoV-2 can survive on touch screens for up to 48 hours.  Psychologically, people are not fully convinced on the frequency or quality of cleaning on the touch displays.

KOGI's SpeedPark APP is here to solve the problem- for users to search, reserve, navigate to designated parking space, and vehicle search + automated payment upon exit. 

Please check out how SpeedPark works via below YouTube link (or search "Contact Free Parking"):


Contact your nearest KOGI channel partner or sales rep to inquire more!