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KOGI Collaborates with Abacus for Contactless Self-Ordering

With waves of impacts from COVID variants, public sector continues to work with private sector to find an equilibrium between pandemic control and economic stability.  KOGI's Australia-based partner, ABACUS, is one such premium Kiosk design company who wishes to deliver the right product to the Food & Beverage (F&B) sector- enabling pure edge-based contactless self-ordering system to their clients. 

KOGI's HTO (hover touch overlay) is perfectly integrated with ABACUS Kiosk and calibrated for smooth interaction with its interface.  With HTO's capability to allow for none-touch maneuver in the action of self-ordering, and cashless payment design from ABACUS, a true contact-free self service Kiosk is born to effectively eliminate contact down to zero.  For the restaurants who deploy such system, the risks of cross infection between employee and customers have dropped substaintially, leading to a more sustainable operation in the long term battle post-COVID. 

Need a true contact-free Kiosk for your local restaurant?  Please contact Abacus and their international division today to learn more:  https://abacus.co/