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KOGI and the Ci Group Announce Partnership for Australia

KOGI and the Ci Group have teamed up to pioneer the future of contact-free interactive technology in Australia.  At the heart of this collaboration is KOGI’s Hover Touch Overlay (HTO) technology, known for its precision, stability, and lens-less detection.  It promises a seamless experience for businesses, effortless engagement for walk-in customers, and streamlined device management for operators.

The Ci Group is a well-respected and innovative integrative technology company working across several verticals where contactless interactions offer great value such as hospitality, healthcare, banking, museums, government instrumentalities, transit, the corporate workplace, commercial property, and retail.  Their commitment to innovation is amplified through this partnership with KOGI, positioning them at the cutting-edge of contactless solutions.

To explore the comprehensive array of solutions offered by the Ci Group and learn more about this transformative partnership, visit their official website at https://www.thecigroup.com.au.