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iMedtac & ADP showcases KOGI's HTO at Thailand Medical Fair 2023

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our partners, iMedtac Thailand and the AUO Display Plus team, for their outstanding collaboration in presenting KOGI's HTO hover touch upgrade kit for the Operating Room (OR) dashboard solution at the Thailand Medical Fair Exhibition held from September 13-15, 2023.  Unlike the traditional PCAP calibration utilized by many display vendors and VARs, our HTO (Hover Touch Overlay) offers an innovative approach with zero-calibration, specifically designed to cater to gloved usage in hospital settings.



Key Benefits of the HTO Digitization in Hospital ORs:



1.Efficiency: Eliminates calibration time and associated costs with glove changes.

2.Infection Control: The zero-touch feature ensures better infection control, proving more effective than antimicrobial displays.

3.Precision: With "lens-less gesture detection" and "active hover stabilizer", the HTO promises the industry's most precise and responsive hover touch experience.

4.Reliability: Ensures consistent detection accuracy even in moist environments.



Interested in advancing your OR dashboard with hover technology? Reach out to iMedtac for an upgrade at sales@imedtac.com.



Together, let's pioneer the era of zero-contact hospital digitization.