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Exciting Updates to KOGI's HTO Range!

Dear valued partners,



We are thrilled to announce a substantial update to our HTO product range that enhances both software and hardware capabilities, aligning with KOGI’s unwavering commitment to pioneer the contactless hover touch user experience.



Software Enhancements: Gen3.5V2 Hover Touch Software Pack

Intuitive Usage: New “Non-linear” gesture input to accept even angled commands.

Troubleshooting Made Easy: Abnormal object detection with LED indicator.

Remote Management: Added API for remote anomaly detection & management.

Sharpened Responsiveness:  Increased gesture detection speed & accuracy by 25%.


Hardware Enhancement: Signage Type HW Refreshment (HTO-27/32/43/46/50/55)

Integrated LED Indicator: New embedded module within the IR filtration system layer.

Expanded LED Functions: Enabled through the Gen3.5V2 software update.

New Mounting Option: Adjustable 3-piece hook mount retrofit upgrade kit.


KOGI continues to pave the way in creating intuitive, zero-hassle user experiences with our technology. For more information and to access free upgrades, please contact your KOGI representative.



Thank you for your valued partnership!