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KOGI introduces: Touch Anomaly Management

KOGI is proud to introduce the industry’s premier touch device management system with the integration of touch anomaly detection from the Gen3.5V2 software pack. Traditionally, IoT-based device management tracked metrics like CPU usage and system thermals, sending alerts for deviations from set thresholds. This central approach optimizes device management, especially for large-scale deployments.


We highlight two sectors where touch anomaly detection can make significant strides:


1.Industrial Automation: In the realm of automation, precision is crucial. Previous anomaly detection reduced production disruptions. Now, with touch anomaly detection, downtimes from Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are further curtailed.

2.Retail POS/Kiosk Terminals: Conversations with retailers revealed many Point-of-Sale (POS) failures due to touch panel issues. As POS is vital to transactions, any reduction in downtime is prized. Our solution also aims to pre-emptively address touch panel issues in kiosks before customer complaints arise.

We urge our partners to discuss with stakeholders the potential benefits of touch anomaly detection for their terminals.

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