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CyberFrame Product Launch

With years of preperation, KOGI is happy to announce our new product- CyberFrame I.C.W. - a cyberpunk style digitized window that is fully interactive via hover operations.  With our collaboration with renowned Hollywood VX studio, and AAA RPG video game VX studio, our product offers the most advanced and vibrant graphical content that only exists in cinematics or video game CGIs.

Key features of our CyberFrame include:

1. Mixed reality (MR) window scenic that changes with season / holidays / special occasions

2. Real time informatics such as weather, as you look out the window, preping your day without turning on your phone/TV

3. Smart home IoT connectivity with smart lightbulb, air-conditioner, doorbell (video), ...etc.

4. Assitive tech integration- optional: fall detection (sensors extra)

5. Future DLC- characters / games / themes / special VX ...etc.


Live Demonstration (11/29-30) @ SYNTRED 12F (TCSCRE Conference 2023, Taipei, Taiwan)

Remote Demonstration (After 12.15)