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KOGI's CyberFrame product launch at TCSCRE (Nov.29-30, 2023)

KOGI's CyberFrame made its first public appearance with great feedback from retailers, contructors, interior designers, and tech providers. 

CyberFrame is the future of digitized window glass product that marries rich and vibrant contents with world class patented technologies.

Key technologies in CyberFrame includes: (1) 43% transparent display with rear-side optical blur privacy control technology, (2) color engineered motion contents to deliver higher brightness and contrast contents than the display spec, (3) lens-less hover touch gesture detection technology to prevent scratch on glass and protects your privacy, (4) graphics compression technology to allow high framerate 3D graphics to run on ultra-low power CPUs, (5) fan-less IPC to ensure zero-noise and 24/7 operations.

CyberFrame is more than a piece of hardware, it's a full software-embedded solution with modular design that allows future scalability and IoT connectivity possibilities- such as "fall detection", "intercom", "air-conditioner", "smart lightbulb".  

Special thanks to Institute for Information Industry and Industrial Development Administration MOEA for the opportunity!

Download related information below:

KOGI CyberFrame_eDM & Demo Video