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CYBERFRAME Gaining Market Attention

It's only been a few days since our soft launch of CYBERFRAME, and KOGI team is very excited on how the market is reacting to our new product.  

Each day we are making a big steps into a realm no company has attempted before, and we are continuing to assess how the market receives the vision of the mixed reality.  Walking on a different path, KOGI decided to streamline our resources into building mixed reality (MR) interactive contents on glass.  To make this vision come true, several key technologies were deployed into our CYBERFRAME, such as color engineered graphics to push micro-LED level high color density and brightness on OLED displays, and hyper compression moving picture technology to push rich 3D objects without need of high-computing power.  This translates to keeping the cost down on the hardware side, while delivering the most exciting interactive user experience through our mixed reality designed contents.

Thanks to the early adopters and tech nerds who are now equally excited as us, and giving KOGI the opportunity to showcase our advanced technology to the world in various sectors.  Stay tuned for more updates on CYBERFRAME.