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CyberHotel AI to be showcased in Sus-Hi Tech Tokyo 2024

KOGI is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming Sus-Hi Tech Tokyo global startup exhibition on May 15-16, 2024. During this event, we will be showcasing our innovative CyberHotel applications through live demonstrations. 

Our featured demonstrations will highlight the capabilities of our sales-driven interactive AI model and web services tool. These presentations aim to underscore the value and efficacy of our solutions in addressing critical challenges within the hospitality sector.

In light of the significant challenges posed by the current staffing shortages in Japan's burgeoning tourism market, we firmly believe that our CyberHotel AI model will offer impactful solutions. Specifically, our AI model is poised to:

1. Facilitate seamless guest experiences by directing traffic towards self-service kiosks, complemented by friendly AI avatars proficient in over 120 languages and dialects. This approach aims to enhance the utilization of existing kiosk infrastructure, which has thus far been underutilized in many hotels.

2. Capitalize on up-selling opportunities by leveraging our sales-driven AI to offer personalized room upgrades. This proactive approach ensures that potential revenue streams are maximized, particularly in instances where traditional staff interactions may miss such opportunities.

3. Enhance cross-selling initiatives by employing compelling voice and imagery to encourage guests to explore additional services, such as dining options beyond breakfast hours and curated private tours. Our innovative approach contrasts with conventional methods, such as printed materials, which often fail to engage guests effectively.

For those interested in gaining comprehensive insights into both the frontend and backend functionalities of our system, we invite you to secure a booth timeslot for a detailed explanation. Please contact us at inquiry@kogicorp.com to arrange a meeting. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you in Tokyo soon!