What’s New


GenAI x Face Recognition

Following the unveiling of our interactive multi-lingual AI model tailored for the hotel industry, KOGI has forged a strategic partnership with a distinguished retail IT firm to jointly develop an innovative face recognition application. This cutting-edge application seamlessly integrates gender, age, expression recognition, and leverages the CRM database to discern clients' nationality and purchasing behaviors. Our AI model will then dynamically greet customers in their preferred language, offering bespoke promotional discounts aligned with their buying tendencies, thus enhancing sales conversion rates.

In addition to our collaborative software venture, KOGI's CyberFrame hardware is undergoing evaluation as the next-generation display solution. Featuring our proprietary CEG (Color Engineered Graphics) technology, it delivers vibrant, high-brightness, high-resolution visuals tailored for well-lit environments. Complemented by our state-of-the-art hover touch system, it enables a futuristic level of interactivity with content.

Anticipate the launch of this groundbreaking project in July, as we unveil the future of retail and redefine customer engagement.