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APA Hotel Woodbridge x KOGI - web AI assistant

KOGI is deeply honored to have been chosen by APA Hotel Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA, as their pioneering partner in implementing an AI-enabled solution to elevate guest experiences.

The decision to collaborate with KOGI was driven by several factors:

1. **Zero Hardware Investment:** KOGI seamlessly integrates with existing hardware infrastructure, minimizing additional costs.

2. **Rapid Content Generation:** KOGI enables swift content adjustments to meet evolving guest needs.

3. **Ultra-Realistic Avatar:** Guests interact with an avatar fluent in over 120 languages, enhancing their experience.

4. **Scheduler Capability:** KOGI's scheduler ensures timely delivery of tailored content, promoting amenities like restaurants and tours.

In phase 2 of their collaboration with KOGI, APA Woodbridge plans to extend the AI-driven model to existing guest room displays. This strategic move aims to boost content visibility, particularly benefiting international guests with multilingual support, enhancing their stay.

Background Information:

APA Hotel, a renowned Japanese hotel chain with over 300 establishments in Japan, is expanding globally through franchise partnerships. APA Hotel Woodbridge is owned and operated by Friendwell Management Group, which also manages 16 other hotels, shopping complexes, and business properties across the USA.