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CEO System Deployed to Home Hemodialysis Service Provider

KOGI’s CEO System is designed using proprietary technology to help businesses operating across a diverse range of sectors perform time attendance and effective task management--particularly when work is handled remotely and via the use of mobile devices. 

Earlier this year, a home hemodialysis provider with a major footprint throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets approached KOGI for assistance in optimizing enterprise management. The company needed to effectively coordinate with its highly-mobile staff of 700+ nurses and medical personnel, spread across different national jurisdictions, as they delivered in-home patient care.   

Previously, reporting was paper-based and reliant on nurse feedback regarding workflow and visitation times. With the deployment of KOGI’s CEO System, which pairs facial recognition with GPS location tracking, the company now knows exactly which nurse went to which location at which time. Any deviations from the schedule can be detected and flagged; ensuring patients receive necessary care at regular intervals. 

KOGI recognizes the power of AI to optimize medical workflow and deliver the best possible patient outcomes. Click here to learn more about KOGI’s CEO System and what it can do for you.