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Taipei Mayor Ke Wen-Je Experiences PCG System

On September 22, 2020, Taipei City Mayor Mr. Ke Wen-Je visited the tHub Building in Taipei's high-tech Neihu District, where KOGI's new HQ is located. During his visit, the mayor received a hands-on demonstration of KOGI's "Pandemic Contactless Gatekeeper (PCG)" system.  KOGI's PCG system performs (1) mask verification, (2) temperature detection, and (3) facial recognition (mask on) - simultaneously.

The PCG's backend system is flexible enough for an administrator to set one of three modes, which provides the highest value to cover situations beyond COVID-19. 

(A) Pandemic Mode- Mask + Temp + Face Recognition & Logging

(B) Caution Mode- Mask + Temp  OR  Face Recognition + Temp & Logging

(C) Normal Mode- Face Recognition & Logging

When a visitor is expected, the system generates a QR code for building security to perform access control. The visitor simply presents the received QR code for scanning at the PCG terminal stationed at the office entrance.  With its powerful yet flexible capability, Mayor Ke was impressed by KOGI's PCG system, which is now under consideration as a pilot project for future deployment.

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