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Hover-Touch Displays: A Next-Gen Solution for the COVID Age

COVID-19 has permanently changed basic patterns of behavior. Now more than ever, avoiding contact between humans and physical surface areas is crucial to reducing cross-infection risks.


This post-coronavirus “new business normal” places tremendous pressure on kiosk and interactive digital signage operators. Whereas before, kiosks and pieces of interactive digital signage offered engaging, efficient, and interactive platforms for users to check-in, navigate, pay, order, or request additional information, they now serve as potentially deadly transmission vectors.     


Going forward, contactless digital displays offer a potentially game-changing solution for businesses reliant on kiosks and interactive signage. One promising avenue is “hover-touch,” which allows users to interact with a digital display without physically touching it, thus sharply reducing the risk of transmission.


Using enhanced-touch technology, users can engage with a digital display by simply hovering their finger over it from a safe distance of up to 2.5cm; a 5x increase from earlier hover-touch screen technology. 


KOGI provides hover-touch solutions in two formats: either as a standalone product offering or as a module overlay which can be used to quickly and easily upgrade existing kiosk and display systems. 


For more information about KOGI’s hover-touch solutions please contact us here.