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Imagining the Post-Covid Hospital

COVID-19, coupled with likely future infectious disease outbreaks, is driving a major rethink of modern hospital design in keeping with the broader “new business normal.” Now more than ever, hospital systems must successfully execute their digital transformation strategies to free up limited resources while guaranteeing patient health.   


This process begins with building safety. Hospitals around the world are aiming to reduce human-to-human and human-to-surface contact within confined spaces. In that light, effective and contact-free access control systems are essential to administering patients while minimizing cross-infection risk. 


AI-based facial recognition and temperature scanning technologies let patients and staff safely enter hospital premises without touching a physical surface. Mobile enterprise management, like KOGI’s CEO System which combines digital time attendance with facial recognition technology, allows staff to seamlessly clock in without punching a paper card.    


As entrants maneuver their way through sprawling hospital systems, digital display technologies play a crucial role at every stage. Contactless hover-touch digital signage and mobile-based extended reality (XR) technologies deliver critical information and help with the navigation process while sharply curtailing potential disease exposure.  


When meeting patients, trained medical personnel augment their own capabilities with AI-enabled diagnostics capable of accurately and instantaneously detecting over 185 different disease symptoms; freeing up precious time and resources to focus on patient care. IoT systems optimize clinical workflow to speed up healthcare delivery times.            


Even hospital parking will undergo a significant overhaul in light of the COVID challenge, with traditional kiosks being phased out in favor of holistic smart parking solutions that allow users to book, reserve, navigate, and pay for parking all from the safety of their own mobile devices. 


As hospitals across the planet adjust to this post-pandemic reality, KOGI will be there every step of the way. To learn more about KOGI’s range of contactless digital solutions, please click here