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2021 Webinar Series: Meet The Speakers

On Wednesday, May 12, KOGI will host its first 2021 webinar under the overall theme of "Re-Connecting Lives: Contact-Free Digitization."

For our 2021 series, KOGI’s senior managers and esteemed guests will examine how every aspect of human life—home, work, travel, retail, entertainment, and healthcare—is being reshaped by contactless digital solutions. With that in mind, it's our pleasure to introduce the event participants.


Our first keynote speaker is Spring Valley Tech Founder & President Jonathan De Luzuriaga. Mr. De Luzuriaga also serves as President of the Philippine Software Industry Association. Spring Valley aspires to be the Asian answer to Silicon Valley. Its main goal "is to become the Melting Pot of all the talented technology experts and innovators in the region to design, develop and deploy game-changing creations and inventions that will help make this world a better place."


Mr. De Luzuriaga will provide a case study of Spring Valley's Next-Gen Township Sharing Model.


Our next keynote speaker is Keng Lee. Mr. Lee successfully founded three cybersecurity companies and currently serves as an advisor to Taipei-based RB Labs which is part of Red Building Capital. His talk will focus on ensuring cybersecurity in an increasingly interconnected digital world.


KOGI Founder & CEO Gavin Lee and Senior Project Manager Joya Chiu will be presenting on applied AI and introducing KOGI's contactless digital solutions.


Please follow the link here to register for this can't-miss event: http://unbouncepages.com/kogiwebinar-0512/


We hope you will join us!