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'Build-Back Better' : Digitization

Several reports from famed global research & NGO entities such as McKinsey & Company (MKC) and World Economic Forum (WEF) outlined the definite escalation in digitization across industries after COVID.

In terms of quantifying the speed of digitization pre-COVID and post-COVID, MKC performed intensive surveys and quantified research that let to these findings: (1) digital or digitally enhanced offerings see an average 7-year increase in the rate at which companies are developing these products and services, (2) More drastic digitization changes are happening in “healthcare and pharma, financial services, and professional services, where executives report a jump nearly twice as large as those reported in consumer packaged goods companies.”  See here for more report details.

Some of the key benefits of successful digitization are highlighted by WEF include: (1) Value add to society and contribution to public health, environment, and biodiversity, (2) empowering people to work in new ways, including reskilling and upskilling, and (3) allows cross-sector collaboration to ‘build-back better’ from the current crisis.  See here for more report details.

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