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Computer Vision for Resource Conservation

In the new digital age accelerated by ravaging COVID pandemic, public and private sectors alike took a crash course on resource conservation.  Governments around the world allocated tremendous resources to COVID prevention efforts, which slowed municipality and national growth.  For the many countries who were not able to allocate said resources, they experience recuring waves of infections, spending even more monetary and health resources to recover the none-ending pandemic cycle.

One important use case of KOGI’s computer vision (CV) technologies is a plug-and-play style CV upgrade to existing municipality CCTVs.  Without the need to procure new sets of hardware, KOGI’s CV pre-trained modules can add a layer of computer vision to detect whether or not pedestrians are abiding to government-imposed policies including “social distancing” and “wear a mask”.  Regional enforcement forces are connected to the system, to proactively check the areas where the computer assessed a high rate of none-compliance. 

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