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National Health AI Project in Taiwan

China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) is one of the most predominant healthcare providers in Taiwan with 8 operating hospital facilities across the country.  In the world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into the healthcare sector to test and examine its capabilities, CMUH made its early move to adopt the AI analytics in its RIS/PACS systems.

To date, 8 faculties and 46 clinics, including cancer profiling, breast ultrasound, bone age, chest x-ray, are supported by AI.  From doctors’ perspective, some clinical workflow is seeing tremendous improvements- e.g.) time required to read bone age improved from 180 seconds to 0.1-0.6 seconds, depending on network latency to retrieve inference results.  This translates to more time will be allocated to the doctor doing verbal diagnostics and condition explanation with each patients, which drastically increases the quality of care in the clinic.

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