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KOGI Collaborates with Aamal Company for Hybrid Team Management

Al Faisal Holding (AFH) was one of the early adopters of KOGI’s CEO System, and the first in Qatar to adopt hybrid management system in the post-COVID world.  With the CEO’s ability to acknowledge “who” (under-mask face scan) is performing “what” task, in “which” location, the managers are now easily able to manage their teams remotely on APP.  Under AFH, Aamal Company is ready to digitize their enterprise with the CEO system to mitigate the increasingly challenging landscape in hybrid team management.

The CEO system in its APP form is able to allow employees to create and update their tasks easily on their mobile phone, irrespective of their work location.  With many fail-safe precautions, face recognition tablets as access terminals will also be deployed at the access gates in case employees forgot their phones.  The CEO APP also supports offline mode, with the data being re-uploaded to the cloud when network resumes.

Interested in how Aamal Company is upping their management game using technology?  Please contact Aamal IT team to know more:  https://www.aamal.com.qa/en