Our Heritage

Our story begins in 2016 from Taipei’s most iconic information technology cluster- “Neihu Technology Park”. It is here where many of the dominant technology behemoths were born.

Unlike the conventional hardware and software IT companies, KOGI Corporation (KOGI) paved its own path in the field of “contact-free digitization” where we redefined digital content interaction in public spaces, and this is where our journey begins.

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Global Service Network

KOGI’s global network of Channel Partners (CP) played a critical role to promote, deliver, and provide local quality support to end users in both public and private sectors from 30+ Countries across Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia (Q3 2021).

To put our core belief on partner loyalty into action, KOGI’s selected CPs enjoy sector-exclusive partner privileges, including leads dispatch and project protection, to contribute their valuable sector knowhow and unhampered service quality to the projects.