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Re-Imagining Hotels for Post-COVID Travelers

Falling COVID cases numbers and increasing vaccine access are releasing pent-up demand for travel and leisure. With the summer setting in, more and more families are opting for overnight stays outside the home.


However, a return to the 2019 "normal" remains impossible. As a recent article in Vox points out, the 2021 hotel experience is increasingly digitized. Now, more than ever, hotel operators must combine immersive and rewarding customer experiences with enhanced measures to guarantee health and safety. 


This is where KOGI's digital solutions are playing a key role.


KOGI's Pandemic Contactless Gatekeeper (PCG) offers contact-free temperature scanning upon arrival for both staff and guests alike. Our hover-touch overlays allow guests to seamlessly check-in without touching a physical surface. Extended reality (XR)  "trigger points" enhance the guest experience by delivering rewarding and immersive content directly onto users' mobile devices. 

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