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KOGI Collaborates with EO Solution for Contactless ATM Service Delivery

EO Solutions, a subsidiary of Mauritius' biggest business group, Harel Mallac Group, is an E2E service provider for business optimization solutions.  Rebranded in 2016, previously known as 'Harel

Sep 30, 2022 ...more

2022 World Partner Conference Starts Tomorrow

KOGI's 2022 Online World Partner Conference (WPC), themed "Contactless Economy Trend & Partner Sharing", will commence tomorrow, Sept. 15th @16:00 Taipei Standard Time.  In this highly conden

Sep 14, 2022 ...more

KOGI Collaborates with SEDCO for Contactless Branch Transformation

About SEDCO-  SEDCO was established in 1983, with the aim of empowering finance, telecom, healthcare, utilities, the public sector and many other businesses with smart technology solutions. S

Aug 29, 2022 ...more

MOU Signing Indonesia Taiwan Industrial Collaboration Forum 2022

2022 Taiwan Indonesia Industrial Collaboration Forum took place on August 19th as an online forum, with more than 300 participants, including leading figures from public, industry, education, and rese

Aug 22, 2022 ...more

2022 Online World Partner Conference

Scheduled to on September 15th 2022, this year's KOGI Online WPC will put  focus on partner sharing on how they handle digitization in their own sector/territory, and key driving factors leading

Aug 10, 2022 ...more

50% Off SpeedPark POC Facilitation Program

Transition to "Smart Parking" has always been desired by coroporates to make parking experience less hectic for employees and customers alike.   However, sometimes decisions are postponed du

Jul 31, 2022 ...more

KOGI Collaborates with AHT (Allarch Healthcare Technalytics) to Deliver Contactless Interactivity in Hospitals

Allarch Healthcare Technalytics (AHT), an UAE-based company, aims to service Middle East and Africa markets thru on-ground collaboration with OEMs, strategic partners, and master resellers to deliver

Jul 20, 2022 ...more

2022 Hover Touch Overlay (HTO) New Product Introduction Video

KOGI's HTO 2022 Video is here for our partners to utilize.  Since the product's launch in 2021, KOGI has allianced with partners from across 15+ countries, with multiple deployment sectors and ap

Jul 8, 2022 ...more

Taiwan-Saudi: ICT & Smart Solution Webinar

Co-hosted by Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade, and Saudi's Trade Office, KOGI was honored to be invited to this important online-to-offline event on June.22, 2022, where we are joined by first tier te

Jun 23, 2022 ...more

Free HTO Sample Limited Time Offer Starts Now!

As a way to fuel the promotional momentum to our valued partners, KOGI is now launch our first, limited time free HTO sample program. HTO (Hover Touch Overlay) is an edge-based hover touch device des

Jun 1, 2022 ...more

Follow-Up on QR Code Scamming: Knowing the scam tactics

As a follow-up to the alarming messages from the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in relevance to the rise of QR code scamming, a world-renowned cybersecurity entity “w

May 6, 2022 ...more

KOGI Collaborates with iSignage (HK) for Public Sector Contactless Self-Service Upgrades

iSignage (Hong Kong) is an innovative applied signage solution provider providing their services to the Greater China region.  With its excellent track record to deploy high quality, user experie

Apr 15, 2022 ...more

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