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KOGI's Smart Agriculture Solutions Help Meet Food Scarcity Challenge

The dual trends of massive population growth and climate change present a major challenge to business, government, and society in the 21st century: how to meet the nutritional needs of over 7 billion

Feb 5, 2020 ...more

Al Faisal Holding to Adopt KOGI's CEO System

Leaders at Al Faisal Holding (AFH) had a vision to drastically increase workforce efficiency via digital transformation into smarter enterprise management.  A business entity as large as AFH and

Dec 5, 2019 ...more

KOGI, Vodafone Showcase Smart Health Solutions

With an iconic brand name and truly international footprint, Vodafone is a global leader in the telecommunications industry. In the fall of 2019, KOGI was honored to work closely with Vodafone as an I

Nov 20, 2019 ...more

KOGI Showcases XR “Smart Retail” Solutions in Qatar

KOGI sees great potential in the power of extended reality (XR) technologies to redefine traditional retailing. Last year, KOGI was granted the opportunity to demonstrate how its XR technology and &ld

Oct 4, 2019 ...more

Patient Tracking System Deployed in Qatar Hospital System

After months of trials, KOGI's patient tracking IoT solution was successfully deployed at a hospital facility run by one of Qatar's largest healthcare service providers. Utilizing a CISCO solution, KO

Jun 9, 2019 ...more

Hong Kong Supermarket Case Study

Long checkout times and unclear payment systems can frustrate the shopping experience. Fortunately, KOGI has built up a strong international track record delivering intelligent and customized retail s

Mar 28, 2019 ...more

Japan Smart Retail Case Study

Retailers around the world are increasingly turning to extended reality (XR) solutions to boost user engagement and improve sales performance. KOGI strives to offer dynamic technology solutions that e

Jan 22, 2019 ...more

The Dubai Mall Turns to KOGI for Cutting-Edge Digital Signage Upgrades

The Dubai Mall, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the largest shopping facilities in the world. Opened in 2009, it features over 1,300 retail outlets. Prior to the onset of COVID-19

Oct 17, 2018 ...more

KOGI Recognized by Renowned HIMSS Community

The prestigious Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS) is “a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of the health ecosystem through informat

Jan 10, 2018 ...more

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