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"Connected" Highlights KOGI's Contactless User Journeys

We’re thrilled to announce our latest video launch —“Connected”— highlighting how KOGI’s cutting-edge digital solutions touch on every aspect of daily life.  

May 3, 2021 ...more

KOGI's 2021 Webinar Series Set to Begin in May

In fits and starts, the global economy is beginning to rebound amid an ongoing worldwide vaccination campaign. However, the world is forever changed by the pandemic. There will be no easy return to 20

Apr 21, 2021 ...more

Despite Vaccine Rollout, New Normal Here to Stay

As vaccine rollouts proceed around the world, it’s possible to imagine a return to pre-pandemic “normalcy.” The United States aims to vaccinate over 200 million citizens by the end o

Mar 26, 2021 ...more

KOGI’s PCG System: Meeting the Safety Needs of Post-Pandemic Workplaces

With lockdowns and social distancing regulations remaining in place across the world, access control systems—determining who may or may not enter a physical or digital space—are being reco

Mar 12, 2021 ...more

IoT and AI: New Tools for Smarter Farming

The global agriculture and agribusiness sector makes up an industry valued at upwards of $6 trillion annually. If current trends hold, that number will assuredly skyrocket in the decades ahead. As pop

Mar 5, 2021 ...more

Imagining the Post-Covid Hospital

COVID-19, coupled with likely future infectious disease outbreaks, is driving a major rethink of modern hospital design in keeping with the broader “new business normal.” Now more than eve

Feb 26, 2021 ...more

Post-Quantum Digital Security

As the world enters a post-COVID “New Normal” defined by ever-greater levels of digitization, ensuring data security is imperative.   In the year 2020, a wave of highly damaging cyb

Feb 19, 2021 ...more

Hover-Touch Displays: A Next-Gen Solution for the COVID Age

COVID-19 has permanently changed basic patterns of behavior. Now more than ever, avoiding contact between humans and physical surface areas is crucial to reducing cross-infection risks.   This

Feb 5, 2021 ...more

Digital Transformations Shaking Up Traditional Retail Journey

COVID-19 is rapidly accelerating digital transformations of the traditional retail experience. As we head into this “New Business Normal,” shopping will never again be the same.   T

Jan 29, 2021 ...more

New Business Normal Meets the Future of Education

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the accompanying lockdowns and social distancing guidelines in place to halt its spread, has fundamentally changed basic patterns of human activity at an unprecedented scale

Jan 22, 2021 ...more

Building Safe, Resilient, and Efficient Supply Chains for the “New Business Normal”

The ongoing challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic spotlights the importance of effective supply chain management. In its early stages, the pandemic disrupted and shattered critical global suppl

Jan 15, 2021 ...more

2021: Looking Ahead

2020 will go down as a year unlike any other. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which locked down populations, overwhelmed healthcare systems, and wrecked economies across the globe, prompted major chang

Jan 4, 2021 ...more

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