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KOGI's CEO System and Data Security

Data security presents a major challenge confronting virtually every business in the digital age. IBM estimates the average total cost of a breach at a staggering $3.86 million dollars. With the ongoi

Jul 9, 2020 ...more

XR Solutions Offer Retailers a Path Forward

The long-term trend toward e-commerce, coupled with the sudden onset of COVID-19, is placing unprecedented pressure on the global retail sector. Retailers who can effectively deploy new technologies

Jun 17, 2020 ...more

GCC, and its Investments in AI & IoT

2020 has been a brutal year for the global economy. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) economies are no exception; in late June, the IMF projected the six-member grouping would see an economic contrac

May 28, 2020 ...more

CEO Meets Challenges of New Business Normal

Firms are continuously adapting to the “New Business Normal” brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, that means a greater reliance on remote work, digital collabor

May 21, 2020 ...more

COVID19 Fast Tracks Digital Transformation Processes for Enterprises

COVID-19 is fundamentally changing how businesses, governments, and consumers make decisions and plan for the future. With the pandemic showing few signs of abating, it’s our view that the globa

Apr 13, 2020 ...more

KOGI's Dynamic Parking Solutions

Few things are more aggravating than locating a parking space during a busy evening downtown. Fortunately, KOGI is here to help with smart parking solutions that eliminate the stress of finding a spot

Mar 16, 2020 ...more

KOGI's Smart Agriculture Solutions Help Meet Food Scarcity Challenge

The dual trends of massive population growth and climate change present a major challenge to business, government, and society in the 21st century: how to meet the nutritional needs of over 7 billion

Feb 5, 2020 ...more

Al Faisal Holding to Adopt KOGI's CEO System

Leaders at Al Faisal Holding (AFH) had a vision to drastically increase workforce efficiency via digital transformation into smarter enterprise management.  A business entity as large as AFH and

Dec 5, 2019 ...more

KOGI, Vodafone Showcase Smart Health Solutions

With an iconic brand name and truly international footprint, Vodafone is a global leader in the telecommunications industry. In the fall of 2019, KOGI was honored to work closely with Vodafone as an I

Nov 20, 2019 ...more

KOGI Showcases XR “Smart Retail” Solutions in Qatar

KOGI sees great potential in the power of extended reality (XR) technologies to redefine traditional retailing. Last year, KOGI was granted the opportunity to demonstrate how its XR technology and &ld

Oct 4, 2019 ...more

Patient Tracking System Deployed in Qatar Hospital System

After months of trials, KOGI's patient tracking IoT solution was successfully deployed at a hospital facility run by one of Qatar's largest healthcare service providers. Utilizing a CISCO solution, KO

Jun 9, 2019 ...more

Hong Kong Supermarket Case Study

Long checkout times and unclear payment systems can frustrate the shopping experience. Fortunately, KOGI has built up a strong international track record delivering intelligent and customized retail s

Mar 28, 2019 ...more

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