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CyberFrame Product Launch

With years of preperation, KOGI is happy to announce our new product- CyberFrame I.C.W. - a cyberpunk style digitized window that is fully interactive via hover operations.  With our collaboratio

Nov 24, 2023 ...more

KOGI introduces: Touch Anomaly Management

KOGI is proud to introduce the industry’s premier touch device management system with the integration of touch anomaly detection from the Gen3.5V2 software pack. Traditionally, IoT-based device

Oct 27, 2023 ...more

Exciting Updates to KOGI's HTO Range!

Dear valued partners,     We are thrilled to announce a substantial update to our HTO product range that enhances both software and hardware capabilities, aligning with KOGI’s

Oct 6, 2023 ...more

iMedtac & ADP showcases KOGI's HTO at Thailand Medical Fair 2023

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our partners, iMedtac Thailand and the AUO Display Plus team, for their outstanding collaboration in presenting KOGI's HTO hover touch upgrade kit for the Opera

Sep 18, 2023 ...more

KOGI and the Ci Group Announce Partnership for Australia

KOGI and the Ci Group have teamed up to pioneer the future of contact-free interactive technology in Australia.  At the heart of this collaboration is KOGI’s Hover Touch Overlay (HTO) techn

Sep 4, 2023 ...more

🎉 Unveiling at Thailand Medical Fair 2023: KOGI's Next-Level Medical Innovations! 🎉

🌟 KOGI's HTO has joined forces with AUO Display Plus's 43" premium medical display, the VI-SOR operating room dashboard solution, and iMedtac’s comprehensive hospital platform solution.  

Aug 15, 2023 ...more

Revolution Imminent: KOGI's HTO Gen3.5 Launch!

Get ready for a thrilling leap in interactive technology! KOGI is delighted to offer a sneak peek into the near future with our next-generation Hover Touch Overlay, HTO Gen3.5. Building on the success

Jul 26, 2023 ...more

Contactless Interface Market on the Rise

The contactless sensor market has experienced substantial growth in the past year and is projected to reach a size of US$2.7 billion by the end of 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12

Jul 3, 2023 ...more

KOGI partners with ワークキャピタル株式会社 (WCI)

KOGI and WCI have forged a partnership after their initial meeting at the City-Tech. Tokyo exhibition earlier this year, which was facilitated by Taiwan's TCA entity. KOGI, with its third-generation H

Jun 16, 2023 ...more

Computex 2023 HTO Gen.3 Showcase!

Dear Partners, It is our honor to join this year's (2023) COMPUTEX, the biggest ICT exhibition in Taiwan, where the newest trend and the latest technologies are showcased.  This year's show will

May 29, 2023 ...more

KOGI partners with Friendwell Management USA, LLC

KOGI is honored to have a partnering relationship with Friendwell Management USA, LLC, in which our HTO is applied to self-service counter terminal under one of their managed hotel brands- APA Hotel (

May 23, 2023 ...more

SEDCO and Seamless Middle East Dubai

KOGI is honored to extend our collaboration with SEDCO, a longstanding system solution provider head quartered in Jordan.  Celebrating its 40th anniversary, SEDCO is excited to work with KOGI and

May 12, 2023 ...more

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