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KOGI Finds New Home in Neihu’s t.Hub Technology Accelerator

KOGI is proud to announce that we’ve officially moved into our new Headquarters located at the t.Hub office complex in Taipei’s Neihu Technology Park. Partnering with the Industrial Techno

Dec 30, 2020 ...more

Access Control in the Age of COVID

Office buildings, in which hundreds if not thousands of people pass through on a daily basis, present serious risks for disease transmission. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, building

Dec 24, 2020 ...more

Eyeing the Digital Future

COVID-19 continues wreaking havoc on the global economy. The latest IMF forecast projects an unprecedented -4.4% global GDP contraction for 2020. However, with the year drawing to a close and vaccine

Dec 16, 2020 ...more

COVID-19 and the Future of Remote Work

COVID-19 is disrupting basic patterns of human behavior—forcing adaptation on an unprecedented scale. Even now, as 2020 winds down, lockdowns and social distancing regulations remain in place ar

Dec 8, 2020 ...more

KOGI Webinar Spotlights How Businesses Adapt to COVID-19 Challenges

On Tuesday, November 24, KOGI hosted a webinar addressing “Digital Transformation in the New Business Normal.” The discussion focused on changes in the international business landscape bro

Nov 25, 2020 ...more

Czech Business Group and its Vision to Invest in AI

Back in August 2020, an 89-person Czech Investment Business Group lead by Czech Senator Miloš Vystrčil visited Taipei for mutual investment opportunities. With AI being a primary focus area, KO

Nov 18, 2020 ...more

Nov.24th Webinar- Digital Transformation in the New Business Normal

The sudden onset of COVID-19 is fundamentally changing how businesses, governments, and consumers make decisions and plan for the future.  With this "New Business Normal" in mind, AI & IoT de

Nov 13, 2020 ...more

CEO System Deployed to Home Hemodialysis Service Provider

KOGI’s CEO System is designed using proprietary technology to help businesses operating across a diverse range of sectors perform time attendance and effective task management--particularly when

Oct 2, 2020 ...more

Taipei Mayor Ke Wen-Je Experiences PCG System

On September 22, 2020, Taipei City Mayor Mr. Ke Wen-Je visited the tHub Building in Taipei's high-tech Neihu District, where KOGI's new HQ is located. During his visit, the mayor received a hands-on d

Sep 22, 2020 ...more

Diagnostic AI Assistant in Healthcare

With healthcare delivery systems experiencing severe resource constraints on account of the ongoing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, unlocking greater efficiencies, expediting workflow processes, an

Aug 13, 2020 ...more

KOGI's CEO System and Data Security

Data security presents a major challenge confronting virtually every business in the digital age. IBM estimates the average total cost of a breach at a staggering $3.86 million dollars. With the ongoi

Jul 9, 2020 ...more

XR Solutions Offer Retailers a Path Forward

The long-term trend toward e-commerce, coupled with the sudden onset of COVID-19, is placing unprecedented pressure on the global retail sector. Retailers who can effectively deploy new technologies

Jun 17, 2020 ...more

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