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KOGI 2021 WPC- Digitization is being Socially Responsible

A big thanks goes to all the honorable guests and speakers on being a part of KOGI’s 2021 World Partner Conference (WPC).  The well received online webinar- highlighting innovations and ach

Sep 17, 2021 ...more

2021 World Partner Conference (KOGI Webinar Series)

After a well-received first KOGI 2021 Webinar Series back in May, we welcome new friends and familiar partners alike to join our 2nd webinar series for the year- set on Sept.15, 2021 @16:00

Aug 31, 2021 ...more

Zero-Contact Dining

As many countries’ vaccination rate rise, and gradual removal of travel restrictions, people are heading out to dine with family and friends.  This includes both ends of the spectrum- from

Aug 13, 2021 ...more

Computer Vision for Resource Conservation

In the new digital age accelerated by ravaging COVID pandemic, public and private sectors alike took a crash course on resource conservation.  Governments around the world allocated tremendous re

Jul 30, 2021 ...more

'Build-Back Better' : Digitization

Several reports from famed global research & NGO entities such as McKinsey & Company (MKC) and World Economic Forum (WEF) outlined the definite escalation in digitization across industries aft

Jul 16, 2021 ...more

APP-less is the New Cool

In an age where people's mobile phones are loaded with abundant APPs, you would imagine that is what they "want" instead of what they "need".  In studies on human acceptance of tracking vs. APP f

Jul 9, 2021 ...more

AI Diagnostic Tools Are Turbocharging COVID-19 Detection

Effective detection systems are critical to halting the spread of COVID-19. Around the globe, hospital administrators use artificial intelligence (AI) to help trained medical staff quickly and accurat

Jun 30, 2021 ...more

Re-Imagining Hotels for Post-COVID Travelers

Falling COVID cases numbers and increasing vaccine access are releasing pent-up demand for travel and leisure. With the summer setting in, more and more families are opting for overnight stays outside

Jun 16, 2021 ...more

Safeguarding Your Data in the WFH Economy

With enterprises embracing work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid office models, informational security is more important than ever before. Data theft and improper employee behavior can severely harm unprepa

May 28, 2021 ...more

How KOGI is "COVID-Proofing" the Public Space

Whether it's purchasing a metro ticket, withdrawing money from the ATM, or ordering lunch from a digital kiosk, public life requires constant contact with physical surfaces. Often these surfaces are t

May 21, 2021 ...more

Beating the Pandemic Fatigue

On Wednesday, May 12, KOGI staged its first webinar of 2021. Focusing on the overall theme of "Re-Connecting Lives: Contact-Free Digitization," the webinar drew attendees from over 50 companies and 25

May 14, 2021 ...more

2021 Webinar Series: Meet The Speakers

On Wednesday, May 12, KOGI will host its first 2021 webinar under the overall theme of "Re-Connecting Lives: Contact-Free Digitization." For our 2021 series, KOGI’s senior managers and esteemed

May 7, 2021 ...more

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