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APA Hotel Woodbridge x KOGI - web AI assistant

KOGI is deeply honored to have been chosen by APA Hotel Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA, as their pioneering partner in implementing an AI-enabled solution to elevate guest experiences.The decision to col

Jun 14, 2024 ...more

GenAI x Face Recognition

Following the unveiling of our interactive multi-lingual AI model tailored for the hotel industry, KOGI has forged a strategic partnership with a distinguished retail IT firm to jointly develop an inn

May 9, 2024 ...more

CyberHotel AI to be showcased in Sus-Hi Tech Tokyo 2024

KOGI is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming Sus-Hi Tech Tokyo global startup exhibition on May 15-16, 2024. During this event, we will be showcasing our innovative CyberHotel applica

May 1, 2024 ...more

CyberFrame AI - New Feature Announcement

Introducing GenAI x CyberFrame: With 120+ languages and 70+ avatar models, our AI model delivery is lightning-fast, perfect for businesses needing frequent content updates. Plus, our mixed reality sal

Apr 10, 2024 ...more

KOGI Scored Big in WSIC 2024

KOGI celebrated significant achievements at this year's SCSE Smart City Expo and WSIC World System Integration Conference. At WSIC, KOGI was honored to be among the distinguished speakers, showcasing

Mar 25, 2024 ...more

SYNTREND Collaborates with KOGI on MR Retailing

We are thrilled to announce KOGI's collaboration with SYNTREND, the leading IT-centric shopping destination in Taipei and a proud subsidiary of Foxconn Group, the world's largest electronics contract

Mar 11, 2024 ...more

KOGI at 2024 SCSE + WSIC(Taipei)

KOGI has confirmed participation in the world services & integration conference (under SCSE event). In order to facilitate and promote our global partners to come and experience our new CYBERFRAM

Feb 2, 2024 ...more

Environmental Effect Update (CYBERFRAME)

Happy new year everyone! KOGI presents our first 2024 update on our work on CyberFrame. This week, get a sneak peek of our CyberFrame's advanced main interface and the "Level One" MR effect. Auto-gene

Jan 5, 2024 ...more

Happy Holidays and See You in 2024!

Happy holidays to all our valued colleagues, partners, and friends. We thank all of you greatly for being with us in the tough times when pandemic, war, and economic downturn all impact our personal l

Dec 25, 2023 ...more


Dear partners, After a month of hard work from our initial prototype showcase, our team worked day-in and day-out to make the CYBERFRAME experience as immersive as possible. In our newest update to

Dec 22, 2023 ...more

CYBERFRAME Gaining Market Attention

It's only been a few days since our soft launch of CYBERFRAME, and KOGI team is very excited on how the market is reacting to our new product.   Each day we are making a big steps into a re

Dec 14, 2023 ...more

KOGI's CyberFrame product launch at TCSCRE (Nov.29-30, 2023)

KOGI's CyberFrame made its first public appearance with great feedback from retailers, contructors, interior designers, and tech providers.  CyberFrame is the future of digitized window glass pr

Dec 1, 2023 ...more

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